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Corporate law and finance: Law reform

Subjects: Law

Law reform


Physical copies of key material

Cadbury Committee Report in full Report of the Committee on the Financial Aspects of Corporate Governance (1992) KN255.COM 1992  (Includes the Code of Best Practice).

Greenbury Committee in full Report Study Group on Directors' Remuneration Directors' remuneration : report of a study group chaired by
                  Sir Richard Greenbury17 July 1995  Bookstack  M96.E11610   Order via ASR

Hampel Report in full Committee on Corporate Governance : final report. (1998) Bookstack  M99.E03004   Order via ASR

Higgs' Review  in full Review of the role and effectiveness of non-executive directors (2003) Official Papers on Ground Floor of Law Bod at  O.GB/T.3c/2003(5)      

CLR Final Report in full Modern company law for a competitive economy : final report of the Company Law Review Steering Group KN261.TRA



Cork Report in full Insolvency law and practice : report of the Review Committee /Chairman: Sir Kenneth Cork( Cmnd 8558, June 1982) is in Official Papers on Ground Floor of Law Bod at  O.Pp. Eng. (Cmnd 8558 1981-82)

Insolvency White Paper (1984) in full A Revised Framework for Insolvency Law, Cmnd 9175 (1984) is in Official Papers on Ground Floor of Law Bod at  O.Pp Eng (1983/84 Cmnd.9175)