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Latin American Jurisdictions: CAN

Bloc Membership


Argentina (A)

Bolivia (F)

Brazil (A)

Chile (A)

Colombia (F)

Ecuador (F)

Paraguay (A)

Peru (F)

Uruguay (A)

Andean Community of Nations (CAN)

The Andean Community of Nations or Comunidad Andina (CAN) is the oldest extant juridical and economic bloc of Latin American countries, referred to as the Andean Pact until 1996. It was originally established in 1969 by the Cartagena Agreement, which was signed by five member states: Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. Venezuela joined CAN in 1973, withdrawing over three decades later in 2006. In 1976, Chile withdrew, rejoining in 2006. 

In July 2005, the Andean Community negotiated a new cooperation agreement with MERCOSUR, gaining four new associate members: Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. This move paralleled earlier free trade initiatives between the two blocs that granted associate MERCOSUR membership to all Andean Community nations, leading to a series of free trade agreements between CAN and individual MERCOSUR members.