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French Language and Literature: Finding journal and newspaper articles

This guide aims to provide an introduction to essential library and electronic resources for French studies at Oxford

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How to locate journal articles on Databases A-Z


There are various different methods of searching for journal articles.

If  you are working from a reading-list and/or you have a reference one possibility is simply to type in the name of the author of the article and a keyword from the title of the article into the SOLO search-box making sure that the search-box is set to 'Search everything'.

However, this will only work if the article is available electronically and if the electronic journal is one of those that has been indexed by SOLO.

If you cannot find the article using this method and if you have the reference for the journal article we recommend that you search in SOLO for the title of the journal article but this time set the search-box to 'Oxford collections'.  

This will work for all journals held at Oxford and will refer you either to the location of a volume containing your article on the shelf or else to a link to an electronic journal which will take you to a list of journal issues from which you may select the one you need.

If you have no specific journal article in mind the first step is to go to Databases A-Z and select a bibliographical database.  The following databases have material relevant to French language and literature.  You may then do a subject search.



Find e-journal

Find e-journal provides direct access to online journals by journal title. 

You can find out from OU e-journals whether a particular journal is available online.

It is useful if you have an exact reference.  You can then do a citation search for that reference.