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Russian and Slavonic Language and Literature: Finding books

This guide aims to introduce library readers researching or studying Russian to essential library and electronic resources for the subject area.

Searching in Cyrillic

if you wish to search the catalogue of a Russian library such as:

Rossiiskaia natsional'naia biblioteka

Rossiiskaia gosudarstvennaia biblioteka

You will need to be able to type in Cyrillic.  It is quite easy to instal a Cyrillic keyboard onto a computer these days.

However, if you do not have access to a Cyrillic keyboard, the Russian search engine Yandex offers a virtual keyboard which you can use when necessary.



How to locate books

Books in the Slavonic and Russian Languagea and Literature subjec t area are located in the Basement and the Slavonic Reading Room of the Taylor Institution Library. 

In order to locate books on the shelves you will need to find out the shelfmark by looking your title up on SOLO

You will need to transliterate according to the Library of Congress (LC) transliteration scheme if you are looking for a Russian title. 

When you have looked up your title you can go to the shelves if a copy is available. 


Classification schemes in the Taylorian Basement Slavonic Collections

There are two classification schemes at in the Taylorian Basement Slavonic collections.  New books in the Research collection and  the undergraduate collection are classified according to a standard version of the LC classification scheme used across the Bodleian libraries. 

Older books in both collections are classified according to inhouse adaptations of LC.  LC Slavonic  shelfmarks  begine with  the letters PG. They are then numerically subdivided by language and literature.  The Russian language sequence begins PG2001 and the Russian literature sequence begins PG2900. 

If you come across a shelfmark beginning TNR or REP. SLAV, this means that the book is kept out at the Repository and you will have to do a stack request.

Books in the Teaching Collection library can be found using our in-house Slavonic Teaching Collection classification.

Still cannot find book?

If you cannot find the book on SOLO, you could try looking for it on COPAC which is a union online catalogue of UK national, academic and specialist libraries.

WorldCat covers libraries throughout the world and includes millions of records representing 400 languages.

KVK (Karlsruher virtueller Katalog) is another union catalogue covering academic and national libraries throughout Europe and beyond.

If you cannot find a particular text in Oxford you may sometimes be able to find it on an electronic library such as Fundamental'naia elektronnaia biblioteka. See also section on Finding Ebooks in this guide on electronic libraries.

You can search across all the main Russian catalogues using SIGLA the Russian equivalent of COPAC.

Electronic libraries

A number of Russian online electronic libraries exist where you can find texts that are unavailable on the shelves of the library.  Here are a few