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Russian and East European Area Studies (REES): Digital Archives

Guide to library provision for Slavonic, Russian, Central and East European history and social sciences


Here you can find a selection of printed and digital archive material avaialble to Oxford users. All digital resources are full-text and fully searchable covering varied topics and sources including Forced Migration, US declassified documents, national security documents, and news archives.

Access to Russian Archives

An online database containing descriptions of approximately 80,000 archival fonds (record groups) from more than 20 guidebooks on Russian federal archives and 40 regional archives published from 1987 to 2004. Both printed and handwritten guides are available in digital formats, providing the most comprehensive access to the holdings of the entire Russian archive system in one simple, user-friendly electronic format.


This database contains the data of two former EBSEES databases, one for 1991-2000, the other for 2001-2006. The new unified database with about 85.500 titles has been developed by the Berlin State Library in cooperation with the Maison des Sciences de l´Homme, Paris. For the years 1975-1990 EBSEES is available in printed form only. Work on adding records to EBSEES ended in 2007, and no further editing will take place after December 2007. The end date for each country’s contribution varies.

Post War Europe

This online archive delivers essential primary sources for the study and understanding of the challenges facing the European peoples in the aftermath of World War II. It covers the politics and administration of the refugee crisis in Europe after World War II as well as the day-to-day survival of the refugees themselves.


CEEOL Central and Eastern European Online Library

An online archive which provides access to full text PDF articles from 553 humanities and social science journals and re-digitized documents pertaining to Central, Eastern and South-Eastern European topics.


The Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) Daily Report has been the United States' principal record of political and historical open source intelligence for nearly 70 years.

FBIS Daily Reports, 1974–1996 consist of translated broadcasts, news agency transmissions, newspapers, periodicals, and government statements from nations around the globe. These media sources were monitored in their languages of origin, translated into English, and issued by an agency of the US government. Oxford has access to the following:

  • Eastern Europe, 1974–1996
  • Soviet Union, 1974-1991
  • Central Eurasia, 1992-1996