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Bodleian K B Chen China Centre Library Guide: Catalogues

Guide to resources

Chinese language books and more

New Chinese allegro catalogue (beta):  Chinese language collections

Use traditional characters and  non-aggregated pinyin to search

  • Title search : use the full title of the book                  
  • Author search: use the author's name in non-aggregated pinyin (lu xun or Zhou Shu Ren) or  traditional characters (魯迅 or 周樹⼈)
  • Subject browse: use the alphabet (a-z) to browse the available subjects
  • Shelfmark search/browse: use arch, backhouse, c, sinica or ms to browse or use the full shelfmark

Location of a book (藏館) with a shelfmark shows where a book is:

  • 藏館 CCL: Collections in the China Centre Library reading room
  • 藏館 BOD with a shelfmark of  Chin and an "order this book" link : Collections in the Book Storage Facility that can be ordered and delivered to a reading room
  • 藏館 EAL: Collections in the Sackler Library
  • 藏館 BOD without an order link but with other shelfmarks such as arch, backhouse or sinica: Chinese special collections held in the Weston Library
  • Others in a specified library

Alternatively use four corner catalogue (四角目錄).

Chinese pre-modern collections

Serica: Bodleian pre-modern collections of Chinese studies and a subset of the Chinese allegro catalogue

  • Traditional sibu classifications
  • Chinese original script (traditional characters)
  • Access to parts of Bodleian Library's Chinese pre-modern collections that have been digitized

History and scope of the Chinese collections (available from Chinese Manuscripts & Rare Books subject guide)

  • Early collecting
  • Eighteenth and nineteenth centuries collections
  • Missionary collections
  • Twentieth century collections

Bodleian SOLO

SOLO: The University's main discovery tool

Search SOLO

Conspectus of Chinese shelfmarks

Conspectus of Chinese shelfmarks:

The conspectus records information on date of acquisition, provenance, current and obsolete shelfmarks for selected items in the Chinese collection.