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United States: legal resources: Journals, articles & WPs

Journals, working papers etc

The great majority are the journals published at various American law schools.  Although they are typically edited by students, many of them are the leading journals in American law, containing articles by professors, judges, practitioners, and other recognized authorities. Most of them deal with all areas of law, though some concentrate on particular subjects. 

There are also journals published by professional bodies (e.g. the American Bar Association), by other specialized bodies (e.g. the Copyright Society of the U.S.A.), and by commercial publishers. 

Pre 2000 issues of journals are shelved on Floor 0, ground floor.

Electronic sources

Holders of an Oxford SSO have 3 main online routes to articles published in US law journals. See below.
The third link may be a quick way to find US OA journal articles

Access to WPs and preprints


Finding articles on US law

Holders of an Oxford SSO can access CILP, the Current Index to Legal Periodicals produced by the Gallagher Law Library (Washington University) via both HeinOnline & Westlaw.

As HeinOnline's (USA) Law Journal Library is so extensive, it using Scholarcheck is a useful tool within Hein.

Print holdings

An Index to Legal Periodical Literature (1803-1937)
sometimes known as the Jones-Chipman Index)

Ref Bibl General I35

ILP : Index to Legal Periodicals (1908-1996)
Note the volumes which we have in print & the continuation
of the service to date are available via to OU members
electronically via the links above

Ref Bibl General I56

OA & Law Repositories