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United States: legal resources: Legal encyclopedias, dictionaries and directories

General overviews

Legal encyclopedias

Holders of an Oxford SS have online access via Westlaw US to

American Jurisprudence 2d
Corpus Juris Secundum a legal encyclopedia of authority, looking at legal topics at both federal and state level.

Encyclopedic help on the free web

The Law Bod has a historic collection of the print volumes of both services stored off site. But they can be requested back to the Law Library if required.

American Jurisprudence, 2nd ed. (Am. Jur. 2d)   USA 200 21 (sec coll)  Updated to 1998.
Corpus Juris Secundum (C.J.S.)  USA 200 35 (sec coll)  updated to 2007 

Legal dictionaries

Holders of an Oxford SSO can search the current edition of Black's Law Dictionary via the Westlaw US subscription