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Engineering: Managing your references

Subjects: Engineering, Patents

Citation styles

For your thesis or research project, or when submitting an article to a journal, you may be instructed to use a specific citation style. Reference management software will help you comply with a certain style, but make sure you are aware of what style you should be using.

See these links for more details on various common styles:


If you want help quickly and easily writing LaTeX documents, try this website:

Links for Reference Management

What is Plagiarism?

The University of Oxford (2013) states that "plagiarism is the copying or paraphrasing of other people’s work or ideas into your own work without full acknowledgement. All published and unpublished material, whether in manuscript, printed or electronic form, is covered under this definition. Collusion is another form of plagiarism involving the unauthorised collaboration of students (or others) in a piece of work" (What is plagiarism section, para. 1).

Advice and tools to help you avoid plagiarism:

The University of Oxford. (2013, Mar 7). What is plagiarism? Retrieved from

What is Reference Management Software?

Reference management software, also known as citation management software, allows you to:

  • collect references
  • store references in a web account or on your desktop
  • organise references
  • add notes to your references
  • link to full text, web pages and documents
  • cite your references and create bibliographies

Some also have additional features such as:

  • sharing your references
  • pdf highlighting
  • collaboration
  • social networking

There is a huge range of reference mangers available.  The best way to choose a reference manager is to test some out and see which you like best.

You may want to consider accessibility (web or desktop), reference style availability, compatibility with word processing software, ability to share references, etc..

Under the comparison tables tab you will find a comparison of the pros and cons and of the features of six reference managers.

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If you have enquiries or need help with your reference management software, please see the following link:

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