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Engineering: Books

Subjects: Engineering, Patents

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Engineering Books

Books can be found by searching SOLO. You can search by criteria such as author, title and subject. SOLO will provide you with details of the library which holds the book you want and the book's location and availability within that library.

Books in the RSL@VHL are kept on the Second Floor and are arranged by the Library of Congress and National Library of Medicine Classification schemes. Many more books are also kept off-site. You can order these to be brought to the library using SOLO.

Where are the Engineering books?

The majority of Engineering books can be found at shelfmark T. Some key topics can be found at the following shelfmarks:

  • QA - Mathematics
    • QA76 - Computer Science
  • QC - Physics
  • QD - Chemistry
  • QT36 - Biomedical Engineering
  • TA - General Engineering and Civil Engineering
    • TA164 - Bioengineering
    • TA174 - Engineering Design
    • TA1501-1820 - Applied Optics and Photonics
  • TC - Hydraulic Engineering and Ocean Engineering
  • TJ - Mechanical Engineering
    • TJ212-225 - Control Engineering Systems, including Robotics
    • TJ255-265 - Heat Engines, including Thermodynamics
    • TJ807-830 - Renewable Energy Sources
  • TK - Electrical Engineering
  • TP - Chemical Technology (Engineering)
    • TP248.13-248.65 - Biotechnology

Book recommendations

If you feel that the collection is missing a key item, please let us know. Your recommendations are always welcome.