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US Government Publications: Other

Latest Official Papers resources saved on diigo

A great number of official documents, particularly historical ones, are being digitised and made freely available online. The VHL is saving links to these on our diigo page as and when we come across them.

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Other libraries

Both the British Library and the London School of Economics Library have extensive collections of US government publications.

Departmental publications and other miscellaneous documents

The VHL has a large collection of departmental and other miscellaneous government documents, mostly 20th century, which can be found by searching SOLO, or by browsing the online list of US government reports and statistical publications held at the library.

Many federal departments and agencies are making their publications available online, both current and historic. Links to many departmental and agency websites can be found from the following portals:

State and Local Government

Many state and local government websites include a wide variety of publications, both current and historic, as do state digital libraries.  Links can be found using the following portals: