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Refugee and Forced Migration Studies: Grey literature

Subjects: Refugee Studies


Refugee studies grey literature
The grey literature is organised geographically and thematically, according to the classification scheme created by the former RSC Library in conjunction with the British Refugee Council. The classification consists of a country/region code followed by a subject code.
See below for PDF lists of the codes used.

Other collections

Official Papers for refugee studies

LibGuide to Oxford's collection of Official Papers relevant to refugee studies.

Refugee Council Archive at UEL

The University of East London houses the Refugee Council's former Archive which holds documents back to 1951.

UNHCR - New Issues in Refugee Research

Refugee studies grey literature documents at the SSL


Grey literature is a term used for unpublished and semi-published materials.  Refugee-related Items within this category include:

  • conference proceedings,
  • field trip reports,
  • research documents,
  • working papers,
  • newsletters from a wide range of academic departments, NGOs, and individuals.

Most of the materials have a geographical orientation, dealing with policy or practice in a particular region or country. Particular strengths include southern and East Africa, western Europe, the Middle East, and South and South East Asia.

Date coverage is mostly from the mid-1980s to the present day.

Finding grey literature

Grey Literature

Use Search Oxford Libraries Online (SOLO) to find grey literature in the SSL.
Keyword searching in SOLO is facilitated by the use of specialised subject terms taken from the International Thesaurus of Refugee Terminology.
The collection is in closed access stacks called RSC Boxes in SOLO.  Please ask Issue Desk staff to fetch items for you.

Working papers issued by the University of Oxford Refugee Studies Centre (RSC)

are kept in the Discussion and Working Papers section of the Library. These papers have the shelfmark "D+WP (Oxford...)". Papers from all social science subjects are arranged in a single sequence, alphabetically by institution, then by series, then by number. All RSC Working Papers are catalogued individually on SOLO. These items are also available electronically from the RSC.

Portals & gateways

A portal offering instant access to a wealth of web resources in forced migration. The Digital Library, including 3,000 full-text documents from the RSC Library's grey literature collection, is also accessible via this website.
The UNHCR collection of refugee databases offers access to a wide range of information including international law and practice; current country conditions; national legislation; policy guidelines and manuals; United Nations documents and an extensive collection of bibliographic references.
Gateway to development information with full-text and topical guides.
System for Information on Grey Literature in Europe providing bibliographical references of reports and other grey literature (GL) produced in Europe until 2005.

Oxfam papers

The Oxfam archive is now open to researchers. Catalogues covering Appeals and Fundraising, Communications, Campaigns, Programme Policy, Management and Administration, Records of grants made by Oxfam, and Publishing are now online.
Browse by subject area, publication type, country or language. Subjects include: Agriculture, Climate change, Conflict, Disaster preparedness, Food security, Gender, Health, Private sector, Politics, Trade, and many more. Publications available for free download in PDF format. Items should be requested for consultation in the Weston Library.