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Bodleian Social Science Library Guide: Sociology

A short guide to the Library and our collections.


Anna Julia Cooper, visionary black feminist : a critical introduction / by May, Vivian M.
ISBN: 9780415956420 (hbk.)
Publication Date: 2007
Shelfmark: HQ1190.MAY 2007 (Library Use Only)
City life from Jakarta to Dakar : movements at the crossroads / by Simone, A. M. (Abdou Maliqalim), author.
ISBN: 9780415993210 (hbk.)
Publication Date: 2010
Shelfmark: HT384.A35.SIM 2010 (Library Use Only)
Dangerous brown men : exploiting sex, violence and feminism in the war on terror / by Bhattacharyya, Gargi, 1964-
ISBN: 9781842778791 (pbk.)
Publication Date: 2008
Shelfmark: HM1121.BHA 2008 (Library Use Only)
Deviance management : insiders, outsiders, hiders, and drifters / by Bader, Christopher, 1969- author.
ISBN: 9780520304499 (pbk.)
Publication Date: 2019
Shelfmark: HM811.BAD 2019
The digital divide / by Dijk, Jan van, 1952- author.
ISBN: 9781509534449 (hbk.)
Publication Date: 2019
Shelfmark: HM851.DIJ 2019
Gender and couple relationships / by McHale, Susan, editor.
ISBN: 9783319373768
Publication Date: 2016
Shelfmark: HQ1075.GEN 2016
In the field : an introduction to field research / by Burgess, Robert G., author.
ISBN: 9781138143708 (hbk.)
Publication Date: 2016
Shelfmark: HM48.BUR 2016 (Library Use Only)
Intersectionality : foundations and frontiers / by Grzanka, Patrick R., editor.
ISBN: 9781138597167 (pbk.)
Publication Date: 2019
Shelfmark: HM571.INT 2019
Les natures de la ville néolibérale : une écologie politique du végétal urbain / by Ernwein, Marion, author.
ISBN: 9782377470815 (pbk.)
Publication Date: 2019
Shelfmark: HT243.S9.ERN 2019
Manly states : masculinities, international relations, and gender politics / by Hooper, Charlotte.
ISBN: 0231120753
Publication Date: 2001
Shelfmark: HQ1090.HOO 2001 (Library Use Only)
Memory unbound : tracing the dynamics of memory studies / by Bond, Lucy, 1983- editor.
ISBN: 9781785338410 (pbk.)
Publication Date: 2018
Shelfmark: HM1033.MEM 2018
Militarized modernity and gendered citizenship in South Korea / by Moon, Seungsook, 1963-
ISBN: 0822336278 (hbk.)
Publication Date: 2005
Shelfmark: HQ1075.5.K6.MOO 2005 (Library Use Only)
Paradoxes of the popular : crowd politics in Bangladesh / by Chowdhury, Nusrat Sabina, author.
ISBN: 9781503608863 (hbk.)
Publication Date: 2019
Shelfmark: HN690.6.A8.CHO 2019
Social policy in the Middle East : economic, political, and gender dynamics / by
ISBN: 1403941653
Publication Date: 2006
Shelfmark: HN556.A8.SOC 2006 (Library Use Only)
Twitter and society / by
ISBN: 9781433121708 (hbk.)
Publication Date: 2014
Shelfmark: HM743.T95.TWI 2014 (short loan)

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