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Media law: Books

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Finding texts on topic

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Mass media law and legislation
Press law
Freedom of the press (do not add law and legislation)
Libel and slander  (do not use defamation)
Journalistic ethics

Law Library: Reserve Collection

When you search SOLO for texts you may find - especially if the text is recommended on a reading list - that the location is shown as "Law Library Reserve Collection."  Armed with your University Card/Reader's Ticket, please ask for these books at the Reserve Collection desk in the Reading Room and they will be issued to you for use in the Library.

If you are shelf browsing, and interested in English law, the place to start is shelfmark KN343 on level 2. Commentary on English media law are shelved first - then follow sections of books on media law from some of the major common law jurisdictions: Australia (indicated by A8 in the shelfmark) Canada (C1), Ireland (I5), New Zealand (N4) and USA (U4).

As media law is a topic which includes aspects of law from both public and private law, you may also find titles of interest in other sections of the K section on Level 2:

KM204 Freedom of speech/expression
KM207 Freedom of the press
KM209 Freedom of Information
KM209.P7 Right to privacy / confidentiality
KM561.2 Sedition, Subversion, Hate Propaganda
KM561.3 Official Secrets
KM563.3 Contempt of Court
KM565.O2 Obscenity
KM565.P6 Pornography
KN30 Tort law in general
KN38.2 Defamation including
KN38.21 Libel
KN38.27 Fair comment
KN111 Intellectual property
KN112 Copyright
KN113 Moral rights
KN115 Exclusive rights eg .5 performing rights
KN116 Infringement
KN118 Permitted acts
KN266 Competition law
KN343 Media law
KN344 Broadcasting, entertainment
KN345 Publishing/Journalism
KN349 Censorship

Texts on topic

Your SOLO search may not show what books are included in Westlaw Books, so do check this out separately.