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Media law: Contempt

Subjects: Law

Texts on topic

To do a subject search in SOLO, do not limit yourself to Mass media - law and legislation (although these books are likely to include a chapter on contempt) try also

Contempt of Court

Free press and fair trial

Newspaper court reporting

Contempt of court

Print resources

Works on English law are in the main Reading Room  on Floor 2.

Halsbury's Laws
is an authoritative encyclopaedia of law in the England and Wales. The main subject volumes will give you a concise overview of the law, while the footnotes will direct you to the most important cases, legislation and commentary in that area. The print volumes are at K1 in the main Reading Room. Use the Cumulative Supplement to check for any new developments in the law since the volume was printed.
OU members can access Halsbury's Laws electronically via Lexis®Library.

Works on media law at KN343 may well include this aspect as a section. In addition books at KM563.3 may also be useful.


Electronic resources