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English at Oxford: Finding books in the EFL

Subjects: English


Most shelfmarks on SOLO will look something like this:

PR4656.A2.R49 ELI 2008


Some items on SOLO will have extra information about where to find them, for example, if the item says In-house Classification beneath it then you will find in the In-house section on the first floor.

Organisation of subjects

Shelfmarks A – PR 3189 are located on the ground floor of the library, while shelfmarks PR 3199 – Z are located upstairs. 

Downstairs you will find:

  • All new books purchased from 2009 onwards
  • All oversize books
  • PE - Language and Linguistics
  • PN - General Literary Theory
  • PN - Film Studies
  • PR1-3199 - English Literature up to the present day


The upstairs LCC sequence contains:

  • PR3200-7999 - English Literature up to the present day
  • PR 8000-8999 – Scottish, Irish and Welsh literature
  • PR 9000’s - English literature from outside of Great Britain (excluding America)
  • PS - American Literature

The following books can also be found upstairs, on the shelves around the gallery:

  • PT - Germanic literature (including works in translation)
  • Q-TX - Science, medicine, agriculture and technology
  • Z - Bibliography and palaeography 

More information on the organisation of books in the EFL can be found on our website: