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Finding English Faculty Library Books: Background to the reclassification project

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EFL and the Library of Congress Classification Scheme

The Bodleian Libraries’ in-house classification schemes are being changed to one of the major schemes in use in academic libraries in the UK and US – the Library of Congress Classification scheme (LCC). This is in order to assist readers to find titles on related subjects in each of these libraries more easily, by using the same classification scheme.
The EFL began by classifying to LCC any new books purchased from January 2009 onwards. A broad outline of the scheme is provided at the General Scheme Overview section of this guide.

All our books are fully searchable on SOLO, so if you know the shelf mark for a particular author or topic you can browse a list of books on your chosen subject. At present about 85% of the EFL's collections are classified to LCC, and this number will grow as we gradually reclassify the whole collection.