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Art and Architecture: Wind Room, Sackler Library

The Sackler Library is the premier research library for the study of art, architecture and archaeology at Oxford. It incorporates multiple libraries previously housed in separate locations around the University.


Clare Hills-Nova
Art & Architecture Librarian
Bodleian Libraries


Wind Room, Sackler Library, Summer 2015.
Early imprints collected by Professor Wind for the History of Art Department's Library, as well as some other materials, line the walls of this space.

Wind Room, Sackler Library


Edgar Wind banner


Edgar Wind portrait

Edgar Marcel Wind
Unknown photographer
© Warburg Institute, London

The Wind Room as a Seminar Room

Thanks to the renovation of the Wind Room in 2015, the Wind Room may now be used as a small seminar room.  Its principal function is for study and teaching, using library materials.

The locked bookcases surrounding the room house early printed books mostly assembled by Edgar Wind for the former History of Art departmental library. (See sub-tab Library Collections for further details.)