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Art and Architecture: Electronic Resources

The Sackler Library is the premier research library for the study of art, architecture and archaeology at Oxford. It incorporates multiple libraries previously housed in separate locations around the University.

Oxford Holdings

Use keyword searching (auction house or dealer name, word/s in catalogue title) plus year.
Example: christie paintings 1996

Auction Houses Online

With the emergence of online auction house catalogues, the arrival of hard copy versions at the Sackler Library has greatly diminished. For more recent years, therefore (from ca. 2009 on), researchers may prefer to consult online resources first (see below).

General Auction Records Databases

Other Auction & Sales E-resources

Restricted Access

Open Access

Artists' signatures

To find more books illustrating artists' signatures select in subject from the drop-down menu and type artists' marks or monograms in the search box.