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Archaeology: Open resources

A guide to resources for archaeologists at Oxford.

Open resources

In these challenging times many publishers are making resources open access, regardless of whether the University has a subscripton.  This page highlights archaeology related resources.  More general subject-wide ebook resources are highlighted in this libguide:

Open books

Sidestone press: "We are picking up the pace for making our Backlist titles available for free downloads. We aim to make all books published over 4 years ago freely downloadable from our website. Today, again, we added over 40 titles! As of today, all books published prior to 2013 are now freely available! In addition, also all volumes of the Leiden Journal of Pottery Studies and all volumes of the Analecta Praehistorica Leidensia series (up to volume 47) are available for free downloads. So, even if your are on lock-down and working from home, the Sidestone Library is open for business: "