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Regent's Park College Home: Angus Library and Archive

Regent's Park College

Angus Library and Archive

The internationally important and unique Angus Library and Archive is home to over seventy thousand printed books, pamphlets, journals and other artefacts covering the history of Baptists and nonconformists in Britain and the wider world, from the late fifteenth century to the present day.

Although Baptist history is an obvious reason for people to use The Angus Library and Archive, it is only one of many subjects that peoplStar Halle research. The collection has also been used to research slavery, human rights, women’s rights, missionary work, geography, linguistics [we have documents in over 100 different languages], family history and so much more.

The archive of Regent's Park College is also housed here and includes some wonderful photographs of the College's early years in London, through its transfer to Oxford and its establishment as a Permanent Private Hall in 1957.

Angus Images

River steam vessel 'Peace'

Freedom in Jamaica

Inside the slave ship 'The Brookes'

17th Century church history

Slave tread mill

Using the Angus Library and Archive

Please visit the Angus Library and Archive website to search the Collection and to find out more information about our resources and access.

There is a stair lift down to the Angus Library and Archive. Please contact in advance of your visit, should you need to use the stair lift.

There is no charge to access the Angus Library and Archive, but please note the following:

  • Book in advance – Please contact us well in advance (we normally require at least two weeks' notice) of your visit to confirm availability. Please do not turn up without an appointment, you may not be permitted access to the Library.
  • Reference – You will need a letter of introduction from your supervisor or Faculty or somebody of standing in your community. Please ask the Angus Librarian if you are not sure what sort of reference is required.
  • Internet access – Check if your institution uses Eduroam and if it does ensure it is set up before arriving. Otherwise we can provide access.
  • Copying – We allow copies to be taken of items for personal use or research purposes, and you will need to complete a copyright form. Due to the fragile nature of many of the items we suggest you take photos, rather than scanning or photocopying. You may use your own digital camera or phone. All photography is at the discretion of the staff.SOLO Logo

 Many of the Angus Library's antiquarian and modern printed books have been catalogued and can be found by searching the Oxford Libraries SOLO catalogue.