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Oxford Reading Lists Online (ORLO): Rollover


What is rollover?

The "rollover" process will create copies of your current 2020/21 reading lists which will be drafts for use in the coming academic year (2021/22). After rollover, these draft lists will be available for you to check, edit and publish for next year's students. Draft lists will appear in the ’My Lists’ area of ORLO after rollover for any list that you own. Please note that your existing lists will continue to be available to current students throughout June and July. The rollover process simply creates a separate copy of these lists, which you can amend independently of the original.

For further instructions including 'What do I need to do?', 'What about digitized content i.e. scans of chapters and articles?' and 'Archiving 2020/21 Lists', please see the ORLO Rollover explained PDF linked in the box below. 

Questions and help

If you have any questions or require help with ORLO, please contact your ORLO library representative (see our contacts page) or email

ORLO Rollover explained

Rollover video

Key dates

Please see the following key dates for ORLO rollover.

  • 20 June. Deadline for final edits to 2020-21 lists. Lists must be published by this date for changes to be saved in student view. 
  • 21-25 June. Rollover takes place (please note: no edits can be made to reading lists during this time).
  • 27 June. Edits can now be made to the new draft 2021-22 reading lists. 
  • 2-6 August. 2020-21 digitizations are rolled over to the new 2021-22 reading lists. 
  • 31 August. 2020-21 lists are archived. They are still accessible by URL. 
  • 6 weeks before term. Publish the new lists for 2021-22. This allows time to purchase content and make digitizations.