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Oxford Reading Lists Online (ORLO): Rollover

Rollover explained

What is rollover?

The "rollover" process will create copies of your current 2020/21 reading lists which will be drafts for use in the coming academic year (2021/22).   After rollover, these draft lists will be available for you to check, edit and publish for next year's students. Draft lists will appear in the ’My Lists’ area of ORLO after rollover for any list that you own. Please note that your existing lists will continue to be available to current students throughout June and July. The rollover process simply creates a separate copy of these lists, which you can amend independently of the original.


What do I need to do?

You don't need to do anything just allow the rollover process to run its course and do not change the time period of lists yourself. This allows statistics to be gathered for each year and ensures that students have access to the correct list for their cohort of students.

If there are unpublished changes on your list which you wish to preserve, you will need to re-publish the list by the end of the day on Sunday 20th June. Please do not make any changes to 2020/21 lists on or after 21 June. You can check if there are unpublished changes on your lists by logging in to ORLO ( and going to the ‘My Lists’ tab. Lists with unpublished changes will be labelled 'Unpublished changes' in the 'Status' column.

Once rollover has taken place, you will see two versions of each of yours lists in ORLO. The old/current year list will be 'published' whilst the list for the new academic year will be in 'draft'. Be careful not to edit the wrong list as changes cannot be replicated from one list to the other. For example, changes that you make after 21 June to this year's list will not appear on next year's list automatically.

After 27 June you will need to work on your draft list for the 2021/22 cohort.  Please make any changes that you require and then publish your list. Please note that until your draft lists are published they will not be visible to students. Lists should be published at least 6 weeks before students need to use them so that the Library can purchase items if necessary. If you would like your lists to be published in bulk, please speak to your ORLO library representative (please see our contacts page).

Please note that you will not be able to edit your lists during 'rollover' (i.e. there will be a period when you can not edit your lists during the week of 21-25 June 2021). Students will be able to continue to use the lists throughout; the downtime only affects editing.


What about digitized content i.e. scans of chapters and articles?

Your list may include digitized content (e.g. scanned articles from journals or chapters from books). Digitized content rolls over separately from and after the reading lists rollover. This year digitized content will rollover during 2-6 August. Digitized content will remain available on your 2020/21 lists until 2 August but will then disappear. 


Archiving of 2020/21 lists

Lists for the 2020/21 academic year will be archived on the 30 August. Once your lists are archived it will not be possible to edit them. They will also no longer appear in ORLO when students search for lists. They will, however, still be visible to you as List Owner and to anyone with a direct link to the list (for example if you provide your students with a link from the VLE, webpage or email they will be able to access the archived list).  If you will need to edit your 2020/21 lists after 31 August, please contact your ORLO library representative (see our contacts page) or email


My current cohort of students need to continue to use the lists in June/July

Your students will be able to continue to use your existing ORLO lists, however, they will not be able to search for the lists on the ORLO home page after 30 August. If access is required after 31 August, please supply your students with the URL of the list (by linking to it from the VLE, web site or via email). Digitizations will be available on the current list until 2 August. If your students will need access to the scans after 2 August please advise them to download them.


Questions and help

If you have any questions or require help with ORLO, please contact your ORLO library representative (see our contacts page) or email

Rollover video

Key dates

Key dates for ORLO Rollover
Date Event
20 June Final edits to 2020-21 lists
21-25 June Rollover happens
27 June You can start editing the new "draft" lists
2-6 August

2020-21 Digitizations are rolled over.

Digitizations will be available on the 2020-21 lists until they are archived at the end of August. They will also be automatically available from the new lists when are published 6 weeks before term.

31 August

2020-21 Lists are archived

They are still accessible by URL.

6 weeks before term

Publish the new lists for 2021-22.

This allows time to purchase content and make digitizations.