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Oxford Reading Lists Online (ORLO): List creation

Effective reading lists

The Centre for Teaching and Learning have developed a guide on how to create an effective reading list, which may be useful for planning the structure of your ORLO list. Features in ORLO such as setting the reading importance (e.g. essential or recommended reading) and using descriptive section headings should be considered. 

How to make a list

To make a list appear on ORLO, someone needs to create it, add resources and annotations, and publish it. The lists also need to be shared with the relevant library, so they know what material to purchase, by requesting a review in ORLO. Who carries out what varies between different faculties and libraries but the process is the same.

In order to create and edit lists, you will need to request ORLO list publisher permissions from your college or departmental librarian. 

Video tutorials

List creation

It is important when bookmarking items off campus that you use the University VPN. Without the VPN the links in the list will break. Information on how to access the VPN is available from IT Services.


Not all browsers can support the Bookmark plug in and some content doesn't respond well to the plugin, though most academic resources do. Instead of the plug in you can also install a browser extension for Google Crome, Firefox and Edge. The only way to bookmark in edge is with this extension. Details of how to install the extensions are available here.

List Admin

The list of all existing codes is on the Key Contacts page of this LibGuide. This includes college and departmental codes. Newer codes may not be listed in the documentation.