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Oxford Reading Lists Online (ORLO): Bookmarking

Installing the bookmarking tool to your browser

To add resources to your new ORLO list, you will need to install the bookmarking to your browser; please download the PDF guide below for detailed instructions. This bookmarking tool will allow you to add print and electronic resources from SOLO, as well as other electronic resources, to your ORLO lists. 

Please note that not all browsers can support the Bookmark plug-in due to their advanced security settings and some content doesn't respond well to the plugin, though most academic resources do. Instead of the plug in you can also install a browser extension for Google Chrome, Firefox and Edge. The only way to bookmark in Edge is with this extension. Details of how to install the extensions are available here.

Please do not use URL shorteners like or TinyURL for links in reading lists, as this can lead to security problems. Instead, the link should be the actual web address you want to use.


  • See the Bodleian Libraries ebook LibGuide for further details about ebooks in the Oxford Collections, such as the Finding ebooks page which might be useful for creating your reading lists.
  • Do not add Electronic Legal Deposit items to ORLO reading lists as these cannot be access by students remotely. These titles can only be accessed from a PC in one of Bodleian Libraries reading rooms.

Bookmarking various resources

N.B. It is important when bookmarking items off campus that you install and turn on the University VPN. Without the VPN the links in the list will break. Information on how to access the VPN is available from IT Services.

Video tutorials

The video below provides an introduction to bookmarking resources to your reading list. 

The video below presents how to handle EZProxy errors that appear when trying to access a bookmark you have added to your list.