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Oxford Reading Lists Online (ORLO): Canvas


Canvas is the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) that supports teaching and learning at Oxford. It is replacing WebLearn. Staff and students log in to Canvas with their SSO. It is available at: Canvas is being used by some of the world’s leading universities to deliver high quality, digital learning experiences. It is intuitive, easy to use, scalable and capable of growing with Oxford’s needs. It is compatible with some of the most commonly used applications at the University, including Turnitin, Cabinet and Office 365 and ORLO (Oxford Reading Lists Online). Information, FAQs and guides are available form the Centre for Teaching and Learning.

ORLO is a seperate product from Canvas but ORLO reading lists can be embedded in a Canvas module. Canvas, like ORLO has rollovers, reading lists may need to be readded to Canvas after the Canvas rollover.


Canvas has a guide on how to add ORLO lists to Canvas. Their guidance should be taken as the official guidance. However, we are aware that some staff cannot access those instructions or see the images. For those staff you can use the instructions here.