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Keeping Up-to-Date: Horton Journal Club

A guide for NHS staff on the different services available to them to keep up to date with the latest reports, articles and research
Subjects: Medicine

Horton Journal Club

The Horton Journal Club for nursing, midwifery, and allied health staff and will help support your professional development and evidence based clinical practice. If you are revalidating, you can use your participation as evidence towards your revalidation portfolio.

What is a Journal Club?

A journal club is a regular gathering of interested people to discuss a research paper. Someone presents a summary of the chosen paper that the whole group has read. Then everyone discussed the paper.You can ask questions, think about the design of the research, critique the methods, and add your own conclusions to the results. You can then reflect on how the research might change your practice or give you ideas for further research in your setting.

Virtual journal clubs are a little bit different. Participants still read the paper beforehand but would put forward their comments via electronic means such as email, Twitter, comments on a blog, etc.

NHS OpenAthens

In order to get access to reports, articles and research which are paid for by the NHS and the library, you will need an NHS OpenAthens username and password. Sign up for one on the NHS OpenAthens site. You can reset your password here but if you haven't used OpenAthens for a long time, your account may have expired and been deleted. In that situation, please just set up a new account. Please ask us for any help by emailing

What happens at the Horton Journal Club?

The Journal Club will be facilitated by Charlotte Merriman, Practice Development Nurse ( and supported by Carolyn Smith, Library Manager/Outreach Librarian (

  • 1 month before the meeting you will choose/vote on the journal article
  • We send the full text of the article to everyone. You can pick up a paper copy in the library.
  • This will include a form/prompt sheet for you to think and make notes about the article (attached below).
  • You will read the article before the meeting and make notes if you want to
  • We come to a 1 hour meeting at lunchtime in the Education Centre at the Horton (day of the week to be decided) and discuss the article. Paper copies will be available at the meeting
  • If you can’t come to the meeting, you can send us your notes and we will read out the points you make at the appropriate time
  • We will make notes of the discussion and send them to everyone participating, and we can also include links to helpful websites about reading journal articles.
  • There’s no commitment or pressure to take part.

How do I join?

If you are interested then please simply email to let us know.

Email: Carolyn Smith ( or

To keep to the GDPR rules, please would you include the following in your email (cut and paste):

I am interested in the Horton Journal Club and I agree to receive any emails directly relating to the administration of the Club. I am aware of the library’s privacy notice at and I understand that I can unsubscribe at any time simply by emailing Carolyn Smith ( or