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ClinicalKey Student: Home

ClinicalKey Student is an interactive education platform that supports students and faculty by enhancing the learning experience with tools tailored to develop and assess the medical knowledge of aspiring professionals.

What is ClinicalKey Student?

ClinicalKey Student is a brand new medical learning platform from Elsevier. ClinicalKey Student is a collection of 242 textbooks in medicine, anatomy, microbiology and further biomedical disciplines. It also includes 850 videos, 85 000 pictures and 1500 clinical summaries. They all are searchable through a common search interface.

The content is designed as an interactive educational platform that offers a range of study tools, including the ability to annotate, create flashcards, make notes and access the books offline.

The 85,000 high-resolution images are copyrighted for use in presentations.

Titles included are Netter, Atlas of Human Anatomy, Abbas, Cellular and Molecular Immunology, and Guyton & Hall, Textbook of Medical Physiology. See the full list.

Access ClinicalKey Student at

What does it contain?


Over 200 acclaimed textbooks
Covering 40 medical specialties, including Gray's Anatomy for Students and Medical Physiology

Over 850 associated videos
Ranging from practical demonstrations of anatomical dissections to instructional clinical examination examples

Over 85,000 images
Previously only available with each print title purchased, but now fully unlocked and discoverable for visual learning.

Over 1,500 quick access summaries
Distilling complex medical conditions into easy-to-understand synopses

New assessment capabilities

Support students and faculty by enhancing the teaching and learning experience with tools tailored to develop and assess the medical knowledge of aspiring professionals.

Faculty can easily build and assign assessments in a way that supplements their curriculum. It also helps them to identify topics their students are struggling with through detailed performance dashboards and cumulative data.

Students can supplement their learning by creating their own quizzes to address areas of weakness identified

Study Tool module

ClinicalKey Student has a Study Tool module that makes it possible to store bookmarks, highlighting, adding notes etc. It is also possible to share these with other students using ClinicalKey Student. You can also create tasks that can be shared with others.

How do I access and use it?


Use your siundefinedngle sign on to access ClinicalKey Student. You can register a personal profile on the platform. If you already have a personal account for Scopus or ScienceDirect, you can use this for your personal profile on ClinicalKey Student. A personal profile enables you to use Bookshelf (with highlighting, note-making, and bookmarking functionality), share notes/highlighting, and export notes to OneNote.

Access is available on and off campus. If using your own device you can select the 'Remember Me' option to streamline the log in process. 

The ClinicalKey Student Bookshelf app gives you a personal workspace. 


  • Read books offline
  • Make notes, and highlight content
  • Create flashcards and presentations
  • Select a book for the app to Read aloud  

Download the ClinicalKey Student Bookshelf app on to your device using the links below