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ABSEES: Introduction

Articles published in Eastern and Western Europe

The MLA (Modern Languages Association) bibliography may cover some of these articles.  The MLA is also available on OxLIP+

There used to be a European equivalent of ABSEES called EBSEES but that ceased publication in 2007 however it is still useful for articles published between 1975 and 2007.

JSTOR (available on OxLIP+) is another good source.

For Medieval Studies the International Medieval Bibliography (IMB) also available on OxLIP+ is an important source.

ABSEES - an introduction

ABSEES (American Bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies) is a very important bibliography for study of or research into Slavonic and East European Studies and is available on OxLIP+.  It covers the languages and literatures of the Slavonic countries. 

However, it is important to realize its limitations.  It mainly covers articles printed in North American journals.  As a general rule (although there may be some exceptions) it does not cover articles published in Western Europe or Eastern Europe (including Russia)

It is important also to realize that although the American Bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies goes back to 1969, the online bibliography does not go back that far.  It only goes back to 1990 when the bibliography started to be published online.  If you want to find articles published in the period 1996-1994 you will need to consult the printed volumes in the Reading Room.  There is no point looking for them on ABSEES.  Of course many of these articles will be available on JSTOR.

One important thing to note about ABSEES: it may use English translations of authors' works rather than the title of the work in the original Russian in the subject index.  'Crime and punishment' rather than 'Prestuplenie i nakazanie'.  However, for lesser known works it seems to use Russian - Gladkov's 'Tsement' rather than 'Cement'. 

Articles published in Russia

The Russian Academy of Sciences Bibliography covers Russia (and beyond)

The Russian bibliography of journal articles Letopis' zhurnalnykh statei is kept in the Bodleian in printed format up until the late 1990s and thereafter there is an online version available on OxLIP+ as part of the Russian National Bibliography.  There is an online index to the Letopis' zhurnalnykh statei which is available online.