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St Anne's College Library: Finding Resources

Library Assistant for Freshers

Understanding your Reading List

Finding Resources in St Anne's Library

St Anne's Library shares the online catalogue SOLO with most other Oxford Libraries (see full SOLO guide in the box below).

  • On the SOLO home page the main search box defaults to searching all of Oxford Libraries' collections but if you click on the arrow underneath 'all libraries/collections' you can limit your search to St Anne's Library.
  • Click the + sign to the left of 'St Anne's College Library' to expand the record. The call number (shelfmark) will tell you where it is in the Library. Use the floorplan to find the exact location of the call number in the Library.

Picture of a SOLO record

  • Watch out for the type/status information! If it says 'Loans/Available' the item should be on the shelf. However, if there is a due date it means another reader has the item on loan. See our 'How to borrow, return & renew' page for details about how to reserve a book that is already on loan.

Locating Printed & Electronic Resources


Suggesting Book Purchases

We pride ourselves on having one of the best College Library working collections in Oxford and are constantly developing it to make sure you have access to the essential reading you need.

We accept suggestions of books (or DVDs) that support Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses. The book doesn’t necessarily have to be on a reading list. It can be something you've read a good review of. We may accept suggestions of books of more popular nature (e.g. good quality novels, poetry, prose, popular science, social sciences, history, or self-help books). These will add some helpful depth to the collection and hopefully enrich your time in Oxford. We may not be able to accept suggestions that are too specialised or too expensive, but do submit them anyway, giving your reason for suggesting it.

To suggest a title for purchase, please fill out a suggestion form at the desk, or send an email to  giving the details of the book, your course details, your tutor's name and the date by when you need the book.

'Available' Book not on Shelf?

                                                                                                              Picture of a magnifying glass

  • It may have been recently returned and be awaiting re-shelving on one of the book trolleys...
  • It may be a new purchase - check the New Books display on top of the old catalogue drawers in the Library entrance area...
  • Did the call number (shelfmark) have 'oversize' after it? It may be located in an oversize section...
  • Did the call number begin with "Stack", "Jenkins", or "MR"? Check plan of library to see where these special collections are located.


If you still can't find what you are looking for come and ask one of the Librarians.