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Finding and connecting to e-resources (e-books, e-journals & databases): Databases by subject

Finding and browsing databases by subject and other options

OxLIP+ (the A-Z of Oxford's collection of scholarly databases) has options for browsing lists of database by subject (e.g. History, Medicine, Politics etc) or for searching for databases by other options such as database type (e.g. statistics, images, full text) and/or by vendor.   These options are not available in SOLO, although you can search for databases in SOLO if you know the database name.

Browsing and finding databases by subject

  1. Go to OxLIP+
  2. Under Find Database choose the subject tabThe subject tab allows you to browse a list of databases for your subject or to find particular types of database (e.g. dictionaries). The subject list starts with “New titles”. Scroll down to find the A-Z of subjects.
  3. Once you have found your subject you may be offered a list of sub-categories.   Choose a sub-category if appropriate and click Go.

Oxlip by title

Finding databases using Other Options

The OxLIP+ Other options tab allows you to search for databases by Title, Vendor (publisher), "Any word" or Database Type (e.g. data/statistics, full text, images, indexes) or a combination of these options. Using Other options is particularly useful if you want to limit your search to a particular type of databases (e.g. full text database or statistics).  The "Any word" function is also useful. This searches the coverage notes and descriptions of all the databases held on OxLIP+.  These typically include keywords describing the topics covered by each database. 

Finding out more about databases and connecting

To connect to a database double click on the title. If you are outside Oxford you may be prompted to “log in” at this stage.  Once you have connected you will be able to search or browse for materials.

For each database you will see the following options:

informaiton iconprovides more information about the coverage of the database and search tips

Add to my research iconallows you to add the database to "My Research".   "My Research" is your personal area on OxLIP+ and can only be accessed when you are logged on.  When you add a database to "My research" you will always be able to find it again by clicking the My Research tab. You can also organise your databases into folders or create cross-searchable quick sets (see CrossSearch for more information).

CrossSearch iconindicates that you can search the database from within OxLIP+ using CrossSearch (see CrossSearch for more information)

Sometimes you will see icons next to the title of the database.  These indicate that there is something special about the database (for example it might require a special password or particular softare). Refer to the "Legend" on the right of the SOLO screeen for more information.

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