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Finding and connecting to e-resources (e-books, e-journals & databases): OxLIP+ My Research

My Research

My Research is your personal area on OxLIP+. It is divided into 4 services:

  • My Articles - is your storage area for articles that you have saved from CrossSearch
  • My Databases - allows you to save databaes as favourites and to create sets of databases that you can search simultaneously using CrossSearch
  • My e-Journals - bookmarks you favourite e-journals
  • History - allows you to browse search strings that you have saved in CrossSearch, to re-run searches and to set up email alerts for new articles matching your search criteria

My Articles

My Articles is you personal storage area for articles that you have found using CrossSearch. ClickSave to My Research iconfrom CrossSearch to add an article to My Articles

Items in My Articles can be saved to your computer (or external drive) or emailed using the "Save/Email" option. They can also be organised into folders.  Use the "Advanced options" to create and move articles between folders.

My Databases and creating personal CrossSearch sets

My Databases allows you to create lists of your favourite databases (rather like favourites on Internet Explorer) and to organise them in to sets (folders). 

You can also create sets of your favourite databases that you can then use in CrossSearch,

Add database and CrossSearch icons

  1. Search for databases using Find Database. When you have found a database that you would like to add to My Databases click Add databases icon . This will add it to a “clipboard” within My Databases.  If you are planning to create a set of databases that you can search using CrossSearch - make sure that you only choose databases that are "cross-searchable".These are indicated with the icon
  2. Go to My Research > My Databases.  

  3. Create a set by clicking Set icon  and give it appropriate name (e.g. Biochemistrydatabases). Then transfer your databases from the clipboard to the set using     You can create as many sets as you wish


  4. If you want to use CrossSearch to search your database set, choose CrossSearch.

  5. In CrossSearch choose My databases from the Select Search Type drop down menu and then choose the appropriate set.

    Cross searching a set

My E-Journals

My e-Journals allows you to add e-journals to My Research and is similar to bookmarking or setting up an Internet Explorer favourite. To add a journal to My e-Journals go to Find e-Journal and search for a journal of your choice. To add it to My e-Journals click

History, saving searches and setting up alerts

The History option allows you to save and re-run searches that you have made in CrossSearch and to set up regular email alerts to let you know when there are new articles which match your criteria.

  1. Start in CrossSearch and choose "Previous Searches". 
  2. Save your search to My Research by clicking  .    Your search will now be listed in "My Research" > "History"
  3. To re-run the search to check for new articles go to  "My Research" > "History" and click on the search string. Alternatively to set up an alert so that you are emailed with new results at regular intervals click alert icon

    Setting up an alert

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