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Finding and connecting to e-resources (e-books, e-journals & databases): OxLIP+ CrossSearch

CrossSearch: searching databases simultaneously from within OxLIP+

CrossSearch allows you to search databases simultaneously from within OxLIP+ using the OxLIP+ search interface.     Unlike Find database and Find e-Journal, CrossSearch allows you to search by entering subject keywords and author names directly into OxLIP+.

The CrossSearch facility is currently available for about 200 of the titles on OxLIP+.   It offers basic searching and is a useful way of quickly retrieving a sample of articles on your topic. However, for more in depth research you are advised to connect to each database separately. This will give you greater control over your search terms and a more comprehensive set of results.


    1. Choose CrossSearch from OxLIP+
    2. Choose a subject (from the second drop down menu) and if appropriate a sub category.

    3. Select the databases that you wish to CrossSearch by ticking the appropriate check boxes. Please note that only databases with a check box may be cross searched. You are advised to choose up to five databases - searching more than five databases is very time consuming.
    4. Enter your keywords in the search boxes choosing subject, title, author and year as appropriate from the drop down menus.

    Viewing and manipulating CrossSearch results

    • Use the "Sort by" option to re-sort your  results by title, author or year
    • Oxlip+ will only show you the first 60 results.  To see more results choose "Retrieve more results"
    • Use the options on the right of the screen to narrow down your search results by choosing topics, dates, authors, journal titles etc
    • Your results will be presented to you in "Table view".  However, you can see more information about each item by choosing "Detailed View" or "Full View".

    Connecting to full text

    To connect to the full text of an item in your results list choose   or

    The   icon indicates that full text is definitely available online.  However, if it not displayed it is still worth clicking  .  "Find it @ Oxford"  will attempt to connect you to the full text article by querying "Find e-Journal" on your behalf.

    Saving your results, saving search strings and setting up alerts

    You can save items from CrossSearch to the "My Articles" section of "My Research" using the icon.

    It is also possible to save your search (ie the keywords you entered and the databases that you searched across) so that you can re-run the search at a later date or set up an email alert.  See "My Research" for more information.

    Need help?

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    Subject guidance
    Consult our subject guides or contact your subject librarian.

    See our workshops timetable.

    General help:

    >Chat to a librarian on SOLO

    >Email Ask an Oxford Librarian

    >Telephone the main enquiry desk on (01865) 277162

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