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Nuffield College Library: Library Map: Tower

Subjects: College Libraries

Tower Open Access material (2-6)

Readers have access to the stacks on floors 2-6 of the tower. The majority of the Library's stock can be found in the tower or in the basement.

Broadly speaking, the subject areas on each floor are as follows:

  • Floor 2: Continuation of second floor periodicals sequence
  • Floor 3: General, Philosophy, Religon, History
  • Floor 4: History, Geography, Sociology
  • Floor 5: Sociology, Political Science
  • Floor 6: Political Science, Education, Languages, Law, Medicine, Technology

Tower 3rd floor

Tower 4th floor

Tower: Closed Access material (floors 7-9)

Floors 7-9 are not open to readers. They house our Archives and other closed access items. If you are looking for a shelfmark in the list below, please ask at the Enquiry Desk:

PP (Party Political materials)

TU (Trade Union materials)

Nuf. (Associate Members collection)

MSS (theses; pre-1980 are housed in the tower, post-1980 are on the first floor.)

Tower 5th floor

Tower 6th floor