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Using this guide

Navigate through this guide by clicking on the pertinent tab you can see above this box (below the main title of this guide).

Note : South Africa has a separate guide - see link below, followed by other guides which amy also be useful, depending on your focus.


Other libraries in England

There are several London libraries which may be able to help you with your African studies. Please follow the links below for further details - and try searching their online catalogues prior to arranging a visit!

Sub-Saharan Africa: quick start

The Law Bod has subscriptions to some specialist legal databases for law reports from African jurisdictions: for licensing reasons access is limited to current OU students & faculty members. For more information & how to access them see links below.

There are some reliable sources of African law on the free web. SAFLII is the most useful starting point, particularly if you are interested in jurisdictions belonging to the common law or Anglo-American legal tradition. 

Please check the other sections of this guide (eg under the name of the individual country), as they may already have links to these sources.

For quick online introductions/refreshers on a country's geography, history and political system try

The LawBod shelves its collections of printed materials for individual African nations in discrete sections, with shelf marks including the country name (or an abbreviation of it) on Level One. Please ask a member of staff for directions when you visit the Law Bod.

Depth of coverage varies considerably: you may well discover that for some countries the collection has an historic rather than a current emphasis. Our largest collection is for South Africa - for more information on this jurisdiction please consult our dedicated Libguide)

Printed works which deal with more than one jurisdiction (eg comparative studies) are in a separate section of the LawBod with shelf marks starting General or KB, on Level Two.

Some works shelved in General section which may serve as useful introductions:

SOLO is the online Union catalogue to discover Bodleian libraries' collections.

If you would like some help with SOLO, please try the Libguide below - and/or have a chat with a librarian when next in the Law Bod!

Your searches in SOLO may well reveal other Bodleian Libraries have material which would support your research. 
In most cases, if you have a current Oxford University Card or a Bodleian Reader's Card, you will already be able to access these libraries - however, please do check information on the other Libraries' own websites, particularly their location & opening hours.

At Oxford?

"The Africa Oxford Initiative (AfOx) is a cross-university platform for academic and research collaborations between the University of Oxford and African researchers and institutions. The Initiative supports the work of universities and research institutions across Africa and facilitates the development of equitable and extensive collaborations between Oxford and African institutions."