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Using the iPad2: Home

Subjects: General

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Introducing the iPad

What is an iPad 2?

The iPad 2 is a light weight, mobile tablet computer made by Apple Mac. It is powerful enough to let you do everything from surfing the web to word processing, photo editing and gaming. Tablet computers do not have keyboards, mice or track pads like other desktop or laptop computers. Instead, you interact with the iPad through a large touch sensitive screen.


What can it do?

The iPad2 is a versatile computer that can do most of the things you'd expect to be able to do using any other computer, these include -

  • Word Processing, Spreadsheets and Presentations
  • Surfing the web and e-mailing
  • Reading e-books
  • Listing to music, podcasts and watching videos
  • Editing photographs and diagrams

In addition to these basic functions, further programs are added to the iPad using 'Apps'. A whole range of scientific apps have already been pre-installed on to the RSL iPad. You can find out more about these on the 'About Apps' tab in this guide. All these functions taken together turn the iPad into powerful learning and research tool.


Can I borrow an iPad 2?

Yes! The Radcliffe Science Library has purchased an iPad 2 that can be borrowed by readers. Please start with the information on the 'Booking the iPad' tab on this guide for full details of how to borrow.


Why is the RSL lending iPads?

Developments in computer technology have profoundly changed the ways in which people find and interact with information. The development of tablet computers such as the iPad is the latest evolution in mobile computing. We would like to give our readers the opportunity to experiment with this technology and see how it can assist with every kind of research task from e-learning and literature research through to data collection and presenting experimental results.

iPad 2

Lending Documents

Here you will find copies of the documents you will need to complete before borrowing an iPad2. Please read the conditions of borrowing carefully.