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French and Francophone newspapers: Online access



Current issues of Le monde now available on magazine rack in Common Room.

From Monday, issues of El País, Le Monde, La Repubblica, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and their associated magazines going back one week will therefore be kept in the stands in the Common Room. These issues will be confined to the library. Older issues will be kept in their usual place on the second floor of the Teaching Collection and will be borrowable.
Other titles will not be affected and can be borrowed in the usual way (i.e. all but the latest issue can be borrowed).

Back issues of Le monde now available on microfilm.  You will need to call them up by stack request from BSF.  


We have recently signed up for a one-month trial of Mediapart. If you would like to try out Mediapart, go to OxLIP+ (Trials) Mediapart is an online news service in the form of a web-site to which you have to subscribe in order to read the full article. It has been recommended to us for its in-depth and well-informed coverage of current events and culture.. Please send feed-back to Nick Hearn (


The Teaching Collection has recently (January 2015) subscribed to Le monde diplomatique

Full access to current issue

It is possible to access the current issue of many contemporary French newspapers including Le Monde.  However, it is not possible to gain the free access to their archives which are offered by many British newspapers.  Oxford has not yet got institutional access to any individual French newspapers.  

Partial access to current issue

Some publications offer partial access to their current issue and/or a web site

Limited access

Press agencies

Don't forget about press agencies and press archiving services.

News magazines