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Finding EFL books using the LC classification scheme: Finding LCC books in the EFL

A guide to finding English Faculty Library books classified using the Library of Congress classification scheme
Subjects: English

In-house shelfmarks

If the location on SOLO says English Faculty Library then the item you are looking for is in the in-house sequence. In-house shelf marks look something like this:

N35.1 [Ada]

This is the in-house shelf mark for Adam Bede by George Eliot.


LCC section of the EFL

Books in the LCC sequence can be found on both floors of the library.  

The downstairs LCC sequence contains:

  • All new books purchased from 2009 onwards
  • All oversize books
  • PE - Language and Linguistics
  • PN - General Literary Theory
  • PN - Film Studies
  • PR1-5000 - English Literature up to the present day


The upstairs LCC sequence contains:

  • PR6000-7000 - English Literature up to the present day
  • PR 8500-8999 – Scottish, Irish and Welsh literature
  • PR 9000’s - English literature from outside of Great Britain (excluding America)
  • PS - American Literature

The following books can also be found upstairs, on the shelves around the gallery:

  • PT - Germanic literature (including works in translation)
  • Q-TX - Science, medicine, agriculture and technology
  • Z - Bibliography and palaeography 


LCC shelfmarks

If the shelfmark on SOLO says LCC Books underneath, then you need to look in the LCC section.  

LCC shelf marks look something like this:

PR4656.A2.R49 ELI 2008

This is the LCC shelf mark for editions of Adam Bede by George Eliot.