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Early modern history (British & W European c. 1500-c. 1800): Journal articles

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Why use bibliographical databases

Generally speaking, journal articles are not catalogued in library catalogues.

If you know the journal article details,

search by Journal Title in SOLO Oxford Collections tab.


search by journal article and author in SOLO Articles and More tab.

If you don't know the journal article details, use bibliographic databases to find them.

You can find printed bibliographies in a library catalogue by doing a subject search, such as Reformation - Bibliography.

Key bibliographical databases

Bibliographical databases usually have to be accessed via SOLO or OxLIP+. Oxford users should use their SSO (?) login for remote access.

Why bother? Bibliographies specialise in finding articles which have been published in history or history-related journals. Important: Note that these databases tell you what has been published but not what exists in Oxford.

How to you find the full-text? use the button to locate the full-text (print or electronic).

National historical bibliographies


Österreichische Historische Bibliographie (ÖHB), 1945-.

Répertoire bibliographique de l'histoire de France. 1920-31. [URR K.7.228]
Bibliographie annuelle de l'histoire de France. 1953-. [URR K.7.236]


Jahresberichte der Geschichtswissenschaft, 1880-1916
Jahresberichte der deutschen Geschichte, 1918-1924

Jahresberichte für deutsche Geschichte. (Leipzig, 1927-).
1974-2015 available online

Historische Bibliographie. 1987-.
1990- available online.

Bibliografia Storica Nazionale. 1939-99. [URR K.7.480]
2000- available online.

De Digitale Bibliografie Nederlandse Geschiedenis.

Indice histórico español. 1953-. [URR K.7.578]

Bibliographie der Schweizergeschichte. (Bern, 1913-). [BOD Offsite. Search SOLO]
1999- available online through Biblio.