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Digital theses and ORA: What to deposit


Depositors may deposit files in any format in ORA. It is expected that most files will have been created using current common or recent software applications. Some older, obsolete or more obscure file types may present preservation or dissemination difficulties and depositors should be aware of such limitations.

Deposit of your thesis

In order to have your degree conferred at a graduation ceremony you must submit one hard-bound copy of the final version of your thesis (including any approved minor corrections) for deposit in the Bodleian Library. 

Candidates for the degrees of DPhil, MLitt and MSc by Research are also required to deposit a copy of their thesis with ORA. Deposit of a copy with the archive is optional for candidates for the degrees of DClinPsych, MPhil, Master of Studies in Legal Research (MSt) or Bachelor of Philosophy (BPhil) in Philosophy.

Further details for depositing the hard-bound copy are available at 


In addition to these notes, please see the relavent Examination Regulations Governing Research Degrees

Two copies of your thesis should be submitted to the research archive. An archive version and a dissemination version.

Archived version: The version of your work that is required for deposit to the research archive in order to comply with the terms of your graduation is a copy that is as close to the examined work as possible, with all images and text in place and no security settings applied for the purpose of preservation – this may be a Word doc, Latex, PDF (depending on how the file has been created or another source (files can be zipped together to send to the archive as necessary). 

The original source file(s) will be hidden in the dark archive and not accessible for general use (for preservation).

Dissemination version: A PDF version of the work (which may be identical) should also be added to the archive as the version for dissemination (once any embargo periods have ended). Please try to ensure that the pagination of your e-thesis matches that of the hardbound version of your thesis. 

PDFs are a good form for dissemination as they display as the author intended, retain pagination (and therefore correct cross-referencing) and can have security settings enabled. 

Software for converting files to PDF is available on many departmental or college workstations, but if you have any problemes additional support can be given from by IT Services, Banbury Road.

Additional notes 

  • Security settings: it is not possible to index or run preservation activities on files that have security settings enabled.
  • HTML: Images are stored separately in HTML. Depositors should upload the images as separate files in addition to the text.
  • LaTeX: If your document requires any custom LaTeX macros or scripts, please include these as well.
  • TIFF: It is helpful to deposit a JPEG version as well. ORA staff may make a JPEG copy.
  • Datasets: ORA now includes an ORA Data as a formal service for storage of Oxford research data. Please contact if you wish to discuss the deposit of research data in ORA.

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