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Digital theses and ORA: Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC)

STFC policy documents

STFC student training grants

Training Grants, Doctoral training partnerships (DTPs) and Studentships

"104. In the case of Ph.D. theses funded by Research Councils, metadata describing the thesis should be lodged in the institution's repository as soon as possible after award and a full text version should be available within a maximum of 12 months following award. It is expected that metadata in institutional repositories will be compatible with the metadata core set recommended by the ETHOS e-thesis online service."


Research Grants

"The investigator(s) should, subject to the procedures laid down by the Research Organisation and any collaborating partners, publish the results of the research grant in accordance with normal academic practice and in compliance with the RCUK Policy on Open Access. Grant holders are also expected to update their data via the ResearchFish (formerly e-Val) data portal." -

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