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Digital theses and ORA: Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)

NERC policy documents

NERC student funding grants

Funding award from 1 May 2014 onwards

"All doctoral training grants starting after 1 May 2014 will be governed under the RCUK harmonised postgraduate training terms and conditions and their associated guidance. Please ensure you are familiar with these before applying for a NERC studentship funding opportunity. The NERC studentship handbook will not apply to these studentships.."

RCUK policy"In the case of Ph.D. theses funded by Research Councils, metadata describing the thesis should be lodged in the institution's repository as soon as possible after award and a full text version should be available within a maximum of 12 months following award. It is expected that metadata in institutional repositories will be compatible with the metadata core set recommended by the ETHOS e-thesis online service."

NERC Students that began prior to 1 May 2014

NERC studentships that began prior to 1 May 2014 fall under the terms and conditions contained within the NERC studentship handbook. Please note this guidance has been updated to reflect that it will no longer apply to NERC studentships after 1 May 2014.

NERC studentship handbook

NERC studentship handbook (PDF, 445KB)

NERC studentship handbook guidance

FAQs - Students (PDF, 63KB)

FAQs - Supervisors, Grant Holders, Student Services Officers and Finance Officers (PDF, 43KB)


NERC Students that began prior to 1 May 2014

"Data Availability It is NERC policy to increase the visibility and awareness of environmental data and to improve their management as an overall resource. Award-holders should therefore make sure that NERC Designated Data Centres (Additional Information section) are aware of significant datasets generated, or to be compiled, under the award so that their longterm stewardship can be assured or planned"

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