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Digital theses and ORA: Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)

ESRC policy documents

ESRC student funding grants

Funding Grants pre-2014

As a result of communication with ESRC the Bodleian Libraries and the Oxford Universities Thesis Working Group has determined that current training grants awarded by ESRC are not applicable to the RCUK at this time. (02/02/2015)

"The RCUK terms and conditions apply to training grants that were issued from the 1st February 2014 and therefore do not apply ESRC training grants as they were issued prior to this, therefore ESRC’s guidance should be applied on this occasion.  However, that said, we would encourage the deposit of the full thesis as a matter of good practice."

Funding Grants post-2014

Funding grants received since 1st February 2014 are subject to the terms and conditions of the of the RCUK training grants policy:

" In the case of Ph.D [DPhil]. theses funded by Research Councils, metadata describing the thesis should be lodged in the institution's repository as soon as possible after award and a full text version should be available within a maximum of 12 months following award.

It is expected that metadata in institutional repositories will be compatible with the metadata core set recommended by the ETHOS e-thesis online service"


ESRC-funded PhD Students

Responsibilities of ESRC grant holders: "Formally deposit all data created or repurposed during the lifetime of the grant with a responsible data repository within three months of the end of the grant. Data may be lodged with the ESRC data service provider, or an appropriate responsible digital repository such as an institutional repository. The grant holder is responsible for making these data available for re-use following the FAIR data principles (findable, accessible, interoperable, re-usable), with a persistent identifier provided for the data, and to inform the UK Data Service of the published location."

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Graduate studies contacts

Current divisional funding support contacts: