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Environmental Management for Continuing Education: Free online resources

A guide to resources for students of Environmental Management

Environment Agency

Environment Agency

The Environment Agency is a public body responsible for protecting and improving the environment, and promoting sustainable development.

National Environment Research Council

NERC is the UK's main agency for funding and managing research, training and knowledge exchange in the environmental sciences.

Oxford Plant Systemics

The Oxford Plant Systematics and Diversity research group, based within the Oxford University Herbaria, combines comprehensive research in plant systematics with a broad range of applied biodiversity activities.

Visitors can access the full range of online tools and databases currently hosted by the Oxford University Herbaria: BRAHMS, a searchable database of herbaria specimens, and the Virtual Field Herbarium, a diverse collection of images and data aimed at helping researchers identify tropical plant species.

Free resources

There are many high quality information sources on the internet. Key sites are shown in the boxes on the left, others include:

Sesame Project

The Sesame Project supports students on weekly classes at the Department of Continuing Education. Tutors in the Department have created and selected resources relevant  for their courses and made these available via the website

Here are some of the resources relating to environmental conservation:

Open Access journals

Previously, most academic publications were available only by paid subscription.

Increasingly there is now a move towards Open Access publishing, which will make more journal articles available online free of charge to the reader.

The Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) is a searchable database of Open Access scholarly journals.

Online access at public libraries

Some public libraries provide online access to academic journal articles, through a scheme called Access to Research.

This is separate from the University's subscriptions, so will include different journals.

To find out if your local public library is participating, check All Oxfordshire County Council Libraries and the Reading Central Library are included in the scheme.

Digitized books

The results of a search on SOLO may include digitized copies.

Digitized copies are scans of print books which are out of copyright, produced as part of the Oxford Google Books Project. They are freely available online.

The SOLO record for a digitized copy will include the line ***Digitized copy available - see Details tab for link***