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John Johnson Collection of Printed Ephemera for English Literature students: The catalogues

How to use printed ephemera from the John Johnson Collection in the study of English literature

The Connoisseur

(C) John Johnson Collection: Trade in Prints and Scraps 2 (1)


Finding your way around the catalogues

The John Johnson Collection online catalogue

The Johnson online catalogue (currently not searchable through SOLO) contains all the records for catalogued items except those in Bodleian Ballads and the Toyota project.  There are currently c. 100,000 records in the Johnson online catalogue.

Johnson records appear in three forms:

  • Display record (default). This often shows little information but has the advantage of showing several records per screen. From here you can select records to view
  • Standard record.  This is the next level up and will appear when records are selected for views
  • Bibliographic record. This shows the whole record in tagged format.  To decode the tags, use the Johnson allegro format, which lets you into the secrets of our cataloguing system

The John Johnson Collection: an archive of printed ephemera (ProQuest)

For the following five sections you should use the ProQuest project, which provides images and full-text searching with hit-highlighting, maximising the usefulness to research:

  • 19th century Entertainment (including playbills and programmes)
  • Booktrade (including Prospectuses)
  • Popular Prints
  • Crime
  • Advertisements

You can browse, search, save to lightboxes, download images, etc. etc.

Subject Guide

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