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Internet Studies: Journal Articles & Working Papers

Abstracts and Indexes

Sociological Abstracts

For structured literature searching you might try databases on Sociological Abstracts (for politics, policy, social issues).

International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (IBSS)

IBSS also indexes political science content and includes more non-English language material than the other databases.

MLA International Bibliography

Includes media and internet studies.
Accessible via Web of Knowledge, includes literature on computing and information technology.

Citation searching

For citation searching, i.e. finding out what articles have cited an article or book after publication go to - 

  • Social Science Citation Index, part of Web of Science®, which uses citations for relevance and article ranking.
  • SCOPUS, a bibliographic database for science, medicine and some social sciences going back as far as 1869.
  • Google Scholar also has 'cited by' links but these are not yet fully reliable.
  • To find articles and books cited within books try searching Google Books with the reference in quotation marks.

Guide: Alerts

ZETOC logo
Provides access to the British Library's Electronic Table of Contents of current journals and conference proceedings from 1993 to date, and is updated on a daily basis.
You can -
  • Search for citations of journal articles and conference proceedings;
  • Set up, modify and delete email Alert;
  • Set up RSS feeds for journals.

The TOCs Journal Tables of Contents service makes it easy to keep up-to-date with newly published scholarly material by enabling them to find, display, store, combine and reuse thousands of journal tables of contents from multiple publishers.

You can also set up alerts and RSS feeds on SCOPUS, as well as WPSA (Worldwide Political Science Abstracts) and IBSS  (International Bibliography of the Social Sciences).