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All Souls College, The Codrington Library: Law

Subjects: College Libraries

Opening hours

Christmas/NewYear closure:

Thursday 21st December - Tuesday 2nd January (incl)

Vacation hours: 9:30am - 4:30pm

Wednesday 3rd - Friday 12th January

Term hours: 9:30am - 6:30pm

Monday 15th January- Friday 9th March

Weekends: Closed

The Anson Room

The English law text books are shelved in the Anson room, in the following subject areas:

Law:Eng: General    Law:Hist:   Legal history
Law:Inns: Inns of Court    Law:Rom:   Roman Law
Law:Judg: Judges    Law:Can:   Canon Law
Law:Jur: Jurisprudence

 ... and within these subjects, the books are arranged alphabetically by author.

Also in the Anson Room are the current parts of the journals, and the following English law reports:

All England Law Reports   Law Reports: Appeal Cases
AELR: Commercial Cases   Law Reports: Chancery & Family
Criminal Appeal Reports   Law Reports: Probate
Criminal Appeal Reports (Sentencing)   Lloyd's Law Reports
Family Law Reports   Property, Planning & Compensation Reports
Fleet Street Reports   UK Competition Law Reports
Industrial Cases Reports   Weekly Law Reports
Industrial Relations Law Reports


All the law journals are on the Anson room gallery, arranged alphabetically by title.

Up the spiral staircase

European and International Law books are shelved at "Sublibrarian 1st floor"

European, Commonwealth, and International Law Reports, and Foreign Law books are shelved at "Sublibrarian 2nd floor"