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All Souls College, The Codrington Library: Visitors

Subjects: College Libraries

Statue of Codrington

Visitors to the Codrington

The Codrington Library is a working library, open to readers throughout the week, and to fellows of All Souls at any time. Visitors, whether in larger groups or in twos or threes, cause a distraction and disruption to work, and the library tries to balance the maintaining of a environment conducive to research and study with a wish to allow others to see and enjoy the beauty of the building and richness of the collections. Anyone wishing to enquire about access should contact the Library.

A new college website is planned, and more information about the library, its history and collections will be made available in due course.

An occasional series of blog posts will showcase items from the collections, and online exhibitions will be created on various themes.

The Library participates in the Oxford Preservation Trust’s “Open Doors” day in alternate years – the next being in September, 2019.