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Printed images in Bodleian collections: Firth

A guide describing some of the notable collections of picture prints and illustrations in Bodleian Library collections, with information about catalogue resources.

About the Collection

The collection of Charles Harding Firth contains a variety of prints relating to widely-studied parts of British history, such as:

  • 4 scrapbook volumes comprised of portraits of 17th century British subjects, including some later reproductions and portraits of Oliver Cromwell
  • 1 volume of topographical views relating to the siege of Colchester in 1648
  • 25 volumes of political cartoons and cariactures, some of which aren't in the British Museum Collection, that form part of important collections of British political cartoons focusing mainly on social satires.


Access Information

The prints in the Firth collection can be accessed in the following ways:

  • the portraits are catalogued under Firth a.1-4
  • the portraits of Oliver Cromwell are catalogued under Firth b.13
  • the topographical views of the siege of Colchester are catalogued under Firth b.14
  • the political cartoons and cariacatures are catalogued under Firth a.5-14, Firth a.16 and Firth b.1-12

If you are in any doubt as to how to access this collection, ask a member of the Library's reading room staff who will be able to assist you further.

Firth Image