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John Johnson Collection of Printed Ephemera for Art Historians: Prints

How to maximise use of the John Johnson Collection to find information about artists and art


(C) John Johnson Collection: Trade in Prints and Scraps 8 (74)

Where can I find prints?

An overview of prints in the John Johnson Collection, with a list of categories (not all catalogued and digitised) and genre terms enabliing the retrieval of prints dispersed througout the subject sections of the Collection is available on our website.

The prints in the John Johnson Collection fall into three main groups:

  • Political Cartoons.  Coverage 1749- 1927. Most have digital images, available through the JJ online catalogue (e.g. set scroll bar to shelfmarks and type Political Cartoons) and the Visual Arts and Humanities Data Service (VADS). If you want to browse the images, this is easiest in VADS. click on Collections, find John Johnson Collection: Political Prints and click on Images.  The prints can be cross-searched in VADS with other collections.
  • Trades and Professions Prints.  (same procedure as above): VADS: John Johnson Collection: Trades and professions.  Shelfmark for JJ online catalogue: Trades and Professions
  • Popular prints.  This is a major section of the John Johnson Collection: an archive of printed ephemera (ProQuest). You must access this resource through the University network.  The major prints sections it includes (with links to their indexes where available) are:

Trade in Prints and Scraps (the main section of Popular Prints in the Collection)

Mezzotints folder

Trade in Cheap Mezzotints

Trade in Cheap Lithographs

Puzzle Pictures

Window Pictures and Transparencies

Printed on the Ice (Frost Fair Prints)


Music Titles (covers of sheet music)

Note Headings (engraved topographical images at head of notepaper)


Subject Guide

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