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The Queen's College Library : Printing

A guide to using the facilities and resources available in the Library of the Queen's College, Oxford.

Logging on and off

To log on:

  • Place your University ID card on the flat plastic reader to the left of the main screen
  • Wait a few seconds. The screen will change and you’ll see your name and remaining balance in the top left hand part of the screen

If that doesn’t work:

  • Press the PIN code button on the touchscreen (has an image of a key).
  • Manually enter your 7 digit University ID card number – the one found above the barcode – using the keypad and/or touchscreen

To log off:

  • Press the log out button on the touchscreen in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.
  • Always log out when you have finished – otherwise others might use up your credit!

Printing allowance

Undergraduates are given £25.00 of photocopying and printing credit per academic year. Graduates are given £50.00 credit. If you exceed this amount it will be added to your battels.

How to print

  • Attach the document you wish to print to a blank email and send it to
  • Go to one of the printers in Queen’s to release your document for printing. You can find one in the New Library; it is on your left as you come down the stairs - opposite the WC.
  • Login with your University card.
  • Select the item you wish to print by pressing on it. Select Options to change print format (double sided, colour etc.)
  • Then press Print+Delete to print your document or Print+Keep to retain the document.
  • Check out the Queen’s IT website for further information
  •  You can always speak to a member of IT or Library staff if you need help.


How to photocopy

  • Lift lid of photocopier and insert document to be copied (check you are complying with copyright laws)
  • Press the Copy button at the top of the touchscreen
  • Select any particular options you require - make sure you have selected the A4 paper option
  • Select copy number you want by using the keypad
  • Press the big green button on the keypad when you are ready to start copying
  • If you have single-sided multiple documents to copy you can place them text uppermost in the top feeder and press the big green button.
  • Remember to remove your original document from the machine!


  • Touch the Scan and Send option in the top-right of the screen.
  • Place item in the scanner.
  • Change the settings on the right-hand side of the screen if necessary e.g. paper size, file type, colour, and resolution. 
  • Select the destination on the left-hand side of the screen. The file can be emailed to your Queen’s email address by selecting Send to myself, or you can send the file to a different address by selecting the New destination.
  • Press the green button to scan the item. 
  • Add additional pages to your file by replacing the item in the scanner and pressing the green button again.
  • When all pages have been scanned touch the Start sending button.


Feel free to ask Library staff for help using the machine.

Technical issues, however, should be resolved by emailing:

For more detailed information go to: